Colorado’s Roamin’ Baths Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile Dog Grooming in Denver

Most breeds groomed for only $65

Roamin’ Baths Mobile Dog Grooming services your neighborhood! We don’t just “maintain” your dog, we can take care of the entire grooming needs of your pet. We come TO YOU to groom your dog in one of our mobile grooming salons.

Service area:  1st to Highlands Ranch; Jordan to Kipling

We ARE NOT a pet grooming franchise; we are locally owned! We are interested in QUALITY, not quotas.

  • Are you tired of spending up to 4 hours waiting for your dog to be groomed?
  • Are you tired of driving your dog to and from the groomer?
  • Do you want the SAME GROOMER to take care of your pet each time?
  • Are you tired of dirtying your car taking your dog to the shop?
  • Do you want a groomer that uses FRESH water to bathe your dog; not dirty “recirculated” water like most mobile salons?

Before you call a traditional dog grooming service, contact us and learn why a mobile dog grooming service is right for you and your dogs.