About Your Mobile Dog Groomers

In 1999, Patrick and Kim partnered to open Roamin’ Baths.. They came up with the idea of a personalized pet care service after Patrick’s family pet was accidentally killed by a “brick and mortar” grooming facility’s use of a dangerous cage dryer. Patrick and Kim knew that there was a better way for people to take care of their pets, and they set out to change the industry. They have!

grooming-trailer-guideRoamin’ Baths provides a safe and trusted environment for Denver’s dog wash needs, and many mobile groomers from all over the country quickly modeled their practices after Roamin’ Baths; even referred to in the industry’s “textbook”, which has a picture of one of their salons right on the cover! To meet the demands of professionals who want to improve the industry, Patrick created a company called GT Grooming Salons, which has built safe mobile dog wash salons for hundreds of small businesses in three countries.

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Roamin’ Baths wants to be your mobile dog washer! Many customers say they can set their watches to our arrival, and many refuse to use anyone else. We are not a “franchise” company that must meet monthly quotas to avoid a penalty, and we don’t need to pad our prices to cover a franchise royalty; we treat each customer as if you are our only customer. Please give us a call so we can talk about your pet!